Every Child Matters

ECM Essentials

In July 2011 and October 2011, parents, teachers and pupils took part in three separate online surveys. All pupils from reception to year 6 took part in the completing their own questionnaire. We had a phenomenal show of support from parents during our autumn term parents evening and well over 100 families took part in the parent questionnaire as well.

The parents and pupil surveys were repeated in 2013 and the results remain just as positive as they did in  2011. Children still feel safe at school and parents and children are very confident of the quality of the education they receive.

The surveys asked all three groups information about:

  • the health and well being of pupils at New City.
  • how safe pupil are and how safe they feel at school.
  • how well pupils are enjoying and achieving.
  • if pupils are New City are making a positive contribution to the local area.
  • if staff at New City are preparing children for economic well being in the future.

A company called INTEC created reports based on the valuable information and answers given by parents, pupils and staff at the school. The reports have provided information about which elements of the schools work on the ECM agenda (Every Child Matters) we are being successful in and where we can make next steps for improvement.

We are pleased to confirm that the reports show that:

  • pupils at New City are more aware of the dangers of using the internet than national average.
  • our pupils feel safe at school and our parents feel the same way.
  • students at New City enjoy attending clubs and feel that they are doing as well as they can at school (again higher results than national averages).
  • our pupils overwhelmingly enjoy attending school compared with national average. In fact 99% of our parents surveyed also said that their children were happy at school.
  • over 92% of our pupils try to make independent healthy food and lifestyle choices.

The leadership team, PSHE/PE curriculum team and staff at New City will continue to use these results in the future to ensure that the children at school are succeeding and enjoying to their maximum potential